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BeepingNerds is many things, from streaming, video game videos to unique kid-friendly designs. Joseph Stipan and Brianna Stipan created BeepingNerds in 2017 as a YouTube let's play and reaction channel. Since then, BeepingNerds has recently begun designing t-shirts and streaming on the popular streaming website: Twitch. As of 2021, BeepingNerds has started growing, and we cannot wait to show you what we have going on with each new project! ​



Joseph Stipan

Joseph Stipan (the founder of BeepingNerds) is 28 years old and graduated in 2019 with his Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology & Culture from Washington State University and his Master's Degree in Education from Arizona State University. Joseph is currently finishing his MEd in Learning Design and Technologies. Joe has been fascinated with digital technology since he was a little kid with his first windows 95 computer. Since then, he has learned 3D design, videography, and graphic design while building computers during his spare time. ​



Brianna Stipan

Brianna Stipan (co-owner of BeepingNerds) is 24 years old and graduated from Clark College with an Associate of Arts degree. Currently, Brianna is enrolled in Concordia University for their nursing program. In her spare time, Brianna loves playing Animal Crossing and Overwatch. BeepingNerds would be nothing without Brianna as she provides the comedy phrases in the designs, with one being "You Got The Pup, I'm At The Party."​

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